Dr. Chitsaz

Dr. Niloo graduated from medical school in Iran in 1995. There she practiced conventional medicine for 2 years. After moving to Canada in 2000, she completed her family practice residency at the University of British Columbia in 2010.

Working as a family doctor in a variety of clinics in Vancouver, she was not satisfied with the conventional medicine approach- looking at the patients’ problem as one issue, instead of an overview of the entire body. She has always been trying to find natural ways of approaching her patients pain or illnesses.

Niloo ventured into the field of Prolotherapy after an experience with her own personal injury that happened in 2010. The injury created a range of musculo-skeletal problems which lead her to discover the amazing benefits of Prolotherapy, which helped to relieve her pain and also instilled in her the passion to learn and to treat others using the same methods. Dr. Chitsaz also specialized in a treatment called Perineural Injections which can help with a variety of musculo-skeletal pain.

Niloo’s approach is a combination of Functional and Conventional medicine with a full mind and body healing component, which addresses the underlying cause of the illnesses. Taking an in depth look at her patients, she listens to the patient’s history as well as taking into consideration their lifestyle in a complex and detailed manner of understanding the complete and full aspect of her patients’ issues.

She joined the amazing team at Qi Clinic in September 2016 in hopes to best serve the community with her skills and practice. At Qi Clinic there are a wonderful group of health care practitioners all with a similar mindset and goal. Providing both a holistic and conventional approach they are able to best suit the needs of their patients and effectively provide treatments from the full spectrum of medical practices.

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